Marketing You and Your Course


There are a zillion options for people to take an online course. While this creates a competitive atmosphere, it also validates the idea that online learning is something people are looking for to learn. Because there are so many choices, people may be overwhelmed and not sure which route to take.

This is where we work together to solve their concerns.

The 21CL courses platform approaches the marketplace as a boutique provider of excellent content with excellent instructors. The combination of your strong and growing reputation, along with our organizational brand, work together to promote your work. More importantly, it builds a culture of trust between you, us and other educators; something very difficult to earn. This trust means people will choose your course over other courses where the connection is not as strong.

Since its inception, 21CL continues to build its reputation and level of trust with educators, leaders and organizations. Our focused mission (Building Communities of Learners) guides our future efforts and decisions.

21CL Marketing Strategy


Our marketing strategy consists of providing messaging and content through a variety of channels.

We are committed to our marketing plan (sample page) which we fine tune and update on a regular basis.

Instructor Marketing Efforts

instructor marketingYOU, and the values and ideas you represent, are one of the main reasons educators will sign up for your course. Maybe they heard about you from a friend, saw a presentation you gave, a podcast you recorded or a blog post you wrote.

Our individual instructor marketing guide provides ideas and pathways forward for sharing and exciting people about your content.

Building Your Course 

Building a course consists of three parts: creating content and building the page and back end to support the course.  These systems are quite detailed and already in operation.

Instructors like you, with our help, create incredible content.  The course development guide (sample page) helps you to organize and write your content. We then take that content and create an entire course and backend system.

 This includes

  • Building lesson pages
  • Images
  • Payment systems
  • Feedback systems
  • Student onboarding
  • Badge (micro credential) design and execution
  • Course certificate design
  • Graduate credit programs
  • And more...

elfIn the end it may seem like a community of tireless elves have been working day and night to get your course up and running and then interact with you and the students.