Life As An Instructor

Teaching with 21CL

Our instructors
 are passionate individuals looking to create and teach innovative courses on a variety of topics. If this is something that interests you, please read on.

Teaching an online course is a blast!  For most of us,  the "fun" of designing and teaching a course is the primary reason we do it.

But it does not stop there...

Designing and teaching a course enables you to dive deep into a particular field. It pushes you to better explain and articulate your topic. Students are usually fellow educators and facilitating a course for them will provide valuable feedback on your work.

Teaching with 21st Century Learning sets you apart and looks great on a resume.  Take even greater control of your career.

Mission Driven

community21st Century Learning is very focused on its mission of  "Building Communities of Learners."  Your work helps us all to build these communities for the benefit of our teaching craft.


compensationInstructors earn income from their courses.  We have a variety of models designed to fit your schedule and needs.  

Getting Started

Interested?  Great!  Instructors are provided an instructor agreement, course development guide and guidance from one of us. 

Send Michael Boll a note for more information and/or to express your interest.  Also, be sure to look at how we help market your course.