What Is WordPress?



WordPress is a wonderful open source blogging/website platform.  It is FREE and comes in two different flavors:  wordpress.org and  wordpress.com

WordPress.ORG is where you find the WordPress software that you can download and install on your own server or host.

WordPress.COM will host the WordPress software for  free.  What a deal!  You can host your own website free of charge.   Your address will be something like.  coolteacher.wordpress.com.

Which one to use?  Hmmm…   If you are new to the idea of using WordPress, then wordpress.COM is for you.  If you are interested in purchasing your own domain (web address) then you can host your own site with your own name.   That is a really neat option and if you don’t mind spending the money (about 100 USD per year) then go for it.  You will first need a web host.  I use Dreamhost, but there are a zillion others. I do really like mine though.


  1. Head to wordpress.com and create an account.  There is a paid option there, but the free one is fine. You can always upgrade later.
  2. Jump to my the course Flipboard magazine  and read/watch/listen to a variety of the articles.  Specifically, here is a great article on the limitations of WordPress.COM
  3. In a  Word or Pages document
    1. Copy and paste a link to your wordpress.com website.  It will be something like  mrsmith.wordpress.com
    2. Copy and paste a link to the articles you found helpful or interesting.
    3.  Write a 250 word (minimum) reaction to what you read.   You might want to include:
      1. Was the information useful?  Why or why not?
      2. What are you initial thoughts/reactions to using WordPress?
      3. Why have you decided to build a website?  What are you hopes and dreams for it?


Frustration Alert

At this point you may find all the choices and options in WordPress OVERWHELMING!   That is normal.  That is to be expected.  That is a good thing. 😉

To build a good WordPress site, you really only need to understand about 10% of all that WordPress is capable of.  This course will take you through all the steps to get yourself up and going. As you learn more, you will find WordPress able to keep up with all the awesome things you may want to do in the near or distant future.


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  1. I am using a Chromebook and trying to use Google Docs to copy and paste assigments. Please let me know if it doesn’t work.

  2. I forgot to mention that the looks of the site might have something to do with the students’ willingness to use it. Maybe that is where I need to my most work with the current class page.

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