The Beauty of Budgeting

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This section encourages you to look, as best you are able, at your departmental budget. The key objective here is to gain a perspective of the following:

  • What your budget currently looks like (you may already know this as you may have designed it, not all schools allow this)
  • What are the shortcomings of your budget
  • An action plan as to how to enhance the scope of the budget and a longer term plan that lines up with your visioning conclusions from the facilities lesson.


Watch the video in the resources section “A short guide for enhancing your budget’.

Get a copy of your budget

Create a video/screencast of your thoughts on how to enhance your budget, answer the following questions:

  • What vision is driving your budgetary changes?
  • What key changes would/can/will you make to your budget?
  • What would an ‘enhancement’ of your budget look like? Is it just a larger amount or is it more specific than that?
  • What are 3 or 4 key steps that you are going to take in order to initiate this change?


Leading the Way: Optimising Your PE Program
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