Teaching Games for Understanding

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Implement a TGFU approach in one activity, class or a series of classes.

The purpose of this activity is threefold.

  • Reading – To gain understanding of its origins, its purpose, the research behind it and its effectiveness in schools and how current practitioners are using it to shape their programs.(suggested 1-2 hours)
  • Reproducing – You will take what you have learned and adapt it for use in your classroom in whatever way that fits with your particular curricular setting i.e. 1 lesson, 1 unit, 1 semester.(30 mins planning per lesson)
  • Reflecting – This is an opportunity to look back on your use of TGFU in your classroom and asking some key questions.(suggested 15-20 mins)


If you already use this model in your teaching then use this as an opportunity to consider how your usage might be enhanced, the idea of connecting with other practitioners will be really key for you in getting new ideas.


  1. Access the resources in this course to gain an understanding of the model and consider how it could be applied/adapted to a unit you are currently running or are about to start.
  2. Contact element – access the resources below for help as to who might be a good person to contact and ask for advice/ideas /pro’s and con’s. Place any details on this i.e. who you contacted etc in your planning page.

Complete the planning/reflection page and submit. Feel free to adapt the page to make it your own i.e. add extra information/columns etc Complete the planning page and submit

Frustration Alert

When you search on TGFU you will get information for game sense as well, this will be useful to store away but also to think about as when we deal with Game Sense we will compare the two approaches and look for how they compliment each other.


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