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Being liked is about the most important thing for nearly any student.  While there are exceptions, students crave social acceptance as they become older.

Of course adults do too; we just pretend it is not as important to us. ūüėČ

Unlike in the past (five years plus) where social recognition largely came from peer groups in a face-to-face environment, today it also comes from online environments. Getting “Likes” on Facebook, Vine,¬†Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest¬†is what it is all about!¬† My students often talk to each other about how popular they are online and how many likes they picked up recently.


  1. Watch the documentary (45 mins) Generation Like by the awesome news magazine Frontline.
  2. In the comments section below, leave a brief response (for or against) ¬†this statement¬†“These kids no longer want to talk to each other in person. ¬†It is all about getting likes and being online.” ¬†
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  3. Open a Pages or Word file
    1. In 250 words or more, give a reaction to what you found interesting (or scary) about the video.

Frustration Alert

A lack of control, and frankly a lack of understanding, over how our students use social media today is often quite upsetting to adults. ¬†They see all this social interaction going on and¬†are not easily able to peer into their social world. ¬†But were we ever? ¬†The difference today is scale. It is so easy to reach to so many, so fast. ¬†And as danah boyd points out in her book ¬†It’s Complicated, privacy settings are turned off be default, so things spread fast.

This reality is likely not going away and the more we can understand how it works, the better we can be the guide on the side that is there when our young ones (and older ones really) make mistakes.


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