The Sport Education Model

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One of the beautiful things about teaching PE is that we often have a certain amount of freedom with what we explore in our classes.

The purpose of this activity is threefold.

  1. Read: Investigate and understand the purpose and structure of the Sport Ed model.(suggested 1-2 hours)
  2. Reproduce: Adapt the model and implement it into a current unit that you are teaching. (suggested prep 30 mins/class period)
  3. Reflect: Review and analyse the effect of the unit on student learning and engagement.(suggested 15-20 mins)


If you already use this model in your teaching then use this as an opportunity to consider how your usage might be enhanced, the idea of connecting with other practitioners will be really key for you in getting new ideas.

Frustration Alert

There is a lot of detail to be looked over and not all of it is necessary to run the unit, in fact none of it is ‘necessary’ to run a Sport Ed unit. You will need to filter what is helpful to you for a condensed unit dependent on how long your unit is/will be.


The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the concepts of the model and to give you an opportunity to see how this might help your students learning in your context NOT to make you a complete expert and change your whole program to using this model exclusively so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to know everything about the model before you use it..


  1. Access the resources in this course to gain an understanding of the model and consider how it could be applied/adapted to a unit you are currently running or are about to start.
  2. Contact element – access the resources below for help as to who might be a good person to contact and ask for advice/ideas /pro’s and con’s. Place any details on this, i.e. who you contacted etc., in your planning page.
  3. Complete the planning/reflection page . Feel free to adapt the page to make it your own i.e. add extra information/columns etc.
  4. Send a copy of the planning and reflection page to me: [email protected]


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