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Social media; yeah!  We all have heard of it, but do we really understand how it works?  What is going on behind the scenes, how it is used and to leverage its power to spread our powerful thoughts and ideas?  Let’s find out.

Thanks to social media we can now contact, in some form or another, a very large portion of the world.  In the old days, you had to own or purchase access to one of the large media networks out there.  It was expensive and nearly impossible for the “average” person to access.  In addition, it was limited in its reach to a specific region, state or country.  No more!


  1. Explore the conversation prism infographic on all the types of social media out there.  It is a massive and comprehensive display of social media.
  2. In the comments section below, do ONE of two things
    1. Give us your insights how this infographic has changed or influenced your perception of social media.
    2. Check out one or more of the many different types of social media on the graphic that is new to you.  Tell us which one you tried and explain what it does, what you liked about it, what says about society, etc.
  3. If you have not done so already, consider getting your own Gravatar. This will enable a picture of some sort to be next to any comment you make on this website and many, many others around the web.  Interested?  Try it out here.
  4. Watch this interview by Leo Laporte with danah boyd, the author of It’s Complicated.
  5. Open a Word or Pages file and write a 250 word or more reflection on social media and how young people use it today.
    1. Suggested topics:
      1. How to adults and young people use social media in different ways?
      2. How do teens network social media to enjoy greater status?
      3. How do adults do the same thing?  Do they?
      4. Privacy and social media.
      5. Other thoughts you might have.

Frustration Alert

frustratedSocial media is clearly shifting how we communicate.  It is also changing our brains as we become more and more attached (addicted) to this form of communication.  Some think it is the end to face-to-face communication.  Or that teenagers don’t know how to have a conversation anymore.   I agree that it is changing our brains and how we think, but am still not convinced that it ruins conversations or that teens no longer know how to have conversations.  I mean how many teen-age boys know how to  speak more than five words at a time anyway? 😉

Regardless, this change is happening and we can’t really stop it.  We can only learn about it and adjust our expectations of what communication really is now.


Oh so true.

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