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As more and more learning opportunities appear online, the definition of “normal” schooling will change. Students, especially high school graduates, can now choose from a variety of learning locations both on ground and entirely in the cloud.  This class, as you know, is cloud based.

But what about granting recognition for these classes? Must it only come from universities? Or will it come from the institution themselves?

While the rapid changes in the delivery of education are not fully realized yet,   learners (young and old) need a way to be recognized for their skills. While the traditional diploma has done this job for centuries, there is a newer, more powerful way before us now: Digital Badges!

Digital Badges, or micro-credentials as they are sometimes called, will one day (maybe soon) replace the traditional diploma for a variety of reasons including:

  • Ease of verification
  • Ease of display on social media profiles and websites
  • Ease of scalability

A badge/micro credential will be sent to you after you finish this lesson. More information on how all that works here.


  1. Watch this video that quickly and easily explains micro credentials.
  2. In the comments section below brainstorm and share some ideas how micro credentials could be used in the classroom. Check out this Google Doc page for some ideas to get you started.
    1. If you have done so already, consider getting your own Gravatar. This will enable a picture of some sort to be next to any comment you make on this website and many, many others around the web.  Interested?  Try it out here.
  3. In 250 words or more, reflect on the future of micro credentials. Suggested discussion points:
    1. Are they just a fad that will go away?
    2. Do micro credentials and badges truly have the potential to change how we provide credits?
    3. Are micro credits a good idea?
    4. What use do they have in your classroom, schools in general, and post high school?

Frustration Alert

“Badges, micro credentials?  What is going on here?  I like the way it is done right now!  What is this all going to look like in the future?”

You or some of your colleagues may identify with that statement above.  However, there appears to be a rapid change in how and where we learn.  As this course as discussed and will discuss, the communication revolution before us is enabling all kinds of experimental changes to take place.  Many of these changes will be awesome.  And many of these changes will fail.  At this point we can either be caught in the middle and watch it happen around us.  Or we can keep up with it and push the change in directions we support.  Hopefully this class will help give you the understandings you need to take charge!




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  1. I have been thinking of trying this for some months now, and it will probably be a focus over the summer. A few of the ways I was thinking of using badges were 1) Different level badges for progress toward Common Core Standards 2) Homework completion (I do not grade homework, so this might be a good supplemental incentive) 3) Recognizing accomplishments is sports/clubs/activities/etc 4) Recognition in outside learning (Khan Academy, private tutors, etc) 5) Something tied in with behavior (supporting others, being respectful, etc)

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