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Facilities are a huge part of teaching PE; what is available to you will often determine what you are able to teach.

The country you teach in will often dictate the type of facility you have i.e. in Hong Kong, where space is limited, schools often have nice gymnasiums, workout rooms, climbing walls and other indoor spaces. Whereas in the UK many of the schools have large playing fields and, often, inferior indoor spaces.

This assignment will give you an opportunity to reflect on your school, your current spaces, and opportunities for future expansion or reallocation of spaces.

I have intentionally not added anything with regard to interacting with the facilities team for the reason that I believe a relationship with the facilities department needs to be worked at and authentic, not the result of an assignment. I do hope that the short guide in the resources section is helpful in this area (however please fill out the reflection belo w).


  • Make a list of all the current spaces used (this is for your reference only no need to turn it in).
  • Visioning activity
  • Your reflection here should include a plan for the future enhancement of your facilities. This will vary in content dependent on your position/budget/admin therefore the plan can be as detailed or not as you like. (This needs to be turned in to me)

Frustration Alert

While engaging with your facilities management team can be incredibly rewarding, each school is different, with different challenges. Take time to approach this if you do not already have an existing relationship with your team, just because you take a good approach it does not mean it will be well received.


Leading the Way: Optimising Your PE Program
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