Lesson 6 (Level 1): Unit Development

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Participants will apply what they have learned about sustainability dispositions, the Compass and systems thinking tools in their own educational context.

The unit/lesson that is developed will be summatively assessed.

*Successful completion of the lessons, activities and assessments in lessons 1-6 results in Compass Education Level 1 Certificate of Participation

**Evidence of use of Compass Education tools (typically through photo and/or video) submitted to the Compass Education website results in the participant being certified as a Compass Education Level 1 Practitioner.

Essential Question: How can systems thinking tools be effectively utilized to enhance teaching and learning?

Outcome: Adapt unit/lesson plans to integrate sustainability perspectives and systems thinking tools.



Using your Compass Workbook (or another tool more useful to you but linked to your workbook) design the learning plan for a lesson within your chosen unit in which you can integrate any (or all) of the following:

  • The Compass
  • Sustainability Dispositions
  • System Iceberg model
  • Behavior Over Time Graphs (BOTGs)
  • Closed Loop Diagrams (CLDs)



Once  the plan has been completed, please take few moments at the bottom of your Compass Worksheet to share your reflections of this course, the process of using these tools in your educational experience, your personal growth or anything that meaningfully combines the content of this course to your professional experience. There is not predetermined format for the reflection so feel free to consider being creative (e.g. photo, written, podcast, a song, etc)



Please take a few minutes to download the tools (called Accelerator Lite) covered in the level 1 and Level 2 courses. You can download the information from the AtKisson website here by confirming that you understand the terms and conditions of use.


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Compass Education Level 1: Sustainability Education

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