Issuing a Digital Badge



Now that you have your badge ideas and have created a badge, time to put that badge someplace and award it to people.  This section requires a little bit of technical effort.  Nothing too horrible, but you might have to climb a learning curve a little. Basically we are going upload your badge to a website, where it will live, and then award it to someone.  I always send the first badge to myself first to make sure it is working well before awarding it to a group of students, etc.


  1. Explore the resources below and decide on which badging platform you would like to use.  Credly is the one I use.
  2. Create your account with your badge issuing platform.
  3. Create at least three different badges.
  4. Upload all of the badges you created earlier to your THI Online Response box.

frustrated frustrationFrustration Alert

This part of the course is likely the most technical.  You are charged with heading to a new site and figuring out how their system works and how you can use it to award badges to groups of people.   I find most of these sites are fairly well put together and after working with them for a while, things usually make sense.  Stay in touch if you need some help though.




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