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introduce yourselfWelcome

Welcome to the course. Wonderful to have you here. I look forward to learning with you as we explore the power of Internet as it grows in what it can do and what it knows about us.

Who Are You?

Please take a few minutes to leave a comment below. Introduce yourself to the instructor (me) and other students who are, or will be, taking this course.

Include as much information as you feel comfortable providing.

Suggested ideas include:

  • Name
  • Where and what you teach
  • Why you are taking this course
  • Hobbies
  • View on the state of education today
  • Hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Anything else that lets us know how interesting you are

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michaelbollYour Instructor

Here is my standard bio I put up when I sign up for a social media account or present at an event.   I generally add my bio to most sites. This helps me to create and control my own reputation on the web.

Michael Boll is an Apple Distinguished Educator,, Google Certified Educator, entrepreneur, podcaster and Part-Time Elementary School Technology Coach at International School, Bangkok.  Michael enjoys helping educators, parents and students harness the transformative powers of technology.

Michael is also the Director of Professional Development and Learning for 21st Century Learning International  where is continuing to build an online learning platform

Michael has a teenage son with profound autism and is keenly interested in the special needs community and its population of diverse learners. This interest led Michael and his wife, Lori Boll, to open an innovative school in Shanghai, Shine Academy, for their son.

For more information about Michael, check out his personal website

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  1. My name is Jeff Klancke an I am currently the IT Coordinator at Shanghai Community International School in China. My wife and I have been teaching overseas for almost a decade now (China, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe).

    Outside of school, I enjoy photography, traveling, compete in Ironman races, and flying RC helicopters.

    I am taking this course because it covers a lot of aspects I would like to learn more about. These topics come up frequently while talking with students and teachers at my schools…but I never seem to find the time to actually get around looking into everything at a deeper level. I am hoping this course forces me to set time aside time for this research and knowledge acquisition.

    Generally speaking, I think education is behind the students we are teaching, and we need to do everything we can to help them obtain knowledge in a way that in native and interesting to them.

    • Great to have you back Jeff and thanks for being the first person to take this new course. It is always a little unsettling to build a course in the beginning and then wonder if anybody is actually going to take it! 😉

      It is true for me as well sometimes, that the only way I will really look at something more in depth is if I am forced to! Taking a course or designing one seems to work for me.

      Have a great course!


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