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Welcome to the course. Wonderful to have you here. I look forward to learning with you as we introduce-yourself-explore stop motion.

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Please take a few minutes to leave a comment below. Introduce yourself to the instructor (me) and other students who are, or will be, taking this course.

Include as much information as you feel comfortable providing.  Suggested ideas include:

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  • Where and what you teach
  • Why you are taking this course
  • Hobbies
  • View on the state of education today
  • Hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Anything else that lets us know how interesting you are

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michaelbollYour Instructor

Here is my standard bio I put up when I sign up for various services.  I generally add my bio to most sites. This helps me to create and control my own reputation on the web.

Michael is 21st Century Learning’s Director of Professional Development and Learning where he leads the development and delivery of the online courses platform. He produces high quality content through the 21st Century Learning blogging platform and 21clRadio program.

Michael is a passionate educator who loves helping students, educators and parents to harness the transformative powers of technology. Michael is also the co-founder and former board chair of an inclusive preschool in Shanghai and a highly experienced Technology Coach

Michael is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Educator and Co-Principal Investigator for the International Schools In Asia Edition of the Horizon Report

Michael has taught in The Northern Marianas Islands, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, and now, Thailand.

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  1. My name is Ada Hann. I am teaching in Hong Kong. Stop Motion is a fun topic and that’s why I am doing this course.

  2. Hi my name is Levent and I teach at an international school in Hong Kong and I have just been informed that I will be teaching a film course next year and am doing this to get some ideas for my new course.

  3. Hello my name is Lita I am now a teacher at a California Continuation High School. I have taught CTE courses for 30 years in regular High School, so this year is all new to me. I use Google Classroom and I am working my kids through the Google CS Club on “Storytelling”. So I want to stay a step or two ahead of them and understand this process myself.
    As hobbies I raise, collect & show exotic roses (I have 52 plants). I breed, raise and race Thoroughbred Race Horses in Southern California. I also trail ride 3+ times per week in the river canyons nearby. I love to travel and enjoy good old rock & roll.

  4. Hi, I’m Andres Lio, though everyone calls me Andy for short. I am the Highly able and Talented Progarmme Coordinator of my school; I also lead the school’s Maker Space task force and teach English as a Second Language to IGCSE students. I have to wear sevarl hats during my daily life, as I constantly move from subject to subject. That allows me to have an interconnected vision of learning which I strongly support and would love to harness through various forms of learning. stop-motion is one of them, as it intertwines creativity through story telling as well as the use of app-based technology along with arts and crafts, being the sky the limit…I love music and I can tell am a pretty good salsa dancer!!! 😉

  5. Hello! my name is Monet. I am an elementary art teacher is Tennessee. I am taking this course because I will be teaching a stop motion visual story telling enrichment class at my school.

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