Gamify Your Digital Badge Program To Create Currency



The sad reality is that the act of creating a badge does not mean anybody  wants it. ;-(   However, don’t give up hope!  It is totally possible, maybe easy, to ensure your badge program is popular among your constituents.

You just need to build in currency!

Currency is

the fact or quality of being generally accepted or in use.
Example: “the term gained currency during the second half of the 20th century”
Currency  is the key.  For a badge to be popular, it must be seen as having worth.  The same goes for real money.  That is just paper right?  But we all believe it has value, so therefore it does.  An easy, quick and fast way to create badge currency in your class or organization is to add a gaming element such as leveling up.   This usually means the first couple of badges are attainable by everybody, but the last couple of badges are very difficult to get.  If you can earn it, people are impressed!



Hopefully you have already completed the previous lesson on  badge ideas.  If not, you may want to go back and complete it first.

  1. Watch this video from me.
  2. Design a set of badges to use.  Be sure to have at least three levels, but four is better.
  3. Create a chart like in the example below. Use this form to help you.
  4. Upload a copy of the chart to your THI online response box.
  5. If you don’t mind, share your ideas in the comments section below for others to enjoy!

frustrated frustrationFrustration Alert

At this point in your badge journey, things are getting serious!  When you complete this lesson, you are a number of steps on your way to creating a full badge program.

In today’s world, iteration is more possible than ever.  In fact, I would expect that your first try at the badge program might not work out very well.   In these situations, I create my best product that I can, but expect some disasters.  From there, I LEARN where to fix things for the next go round.

Are mistakes  fun or what? 😉


Copy of the slide show I used in the video.  That way you can flip through without having to hear my voice!

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