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Once you start producing content, you are going to find yourself needing to go back and make some changes from time to time.  These changes might include privacy settings, category changes, photo changes, text changes, color changes and diaper changes.  Um, I am just kidding about the last one.

Frustration Alert

Using “edit” or “quick edit” can be confusing in the beginning. I don’t recommend using “quick edit” until you feel confident about all the selection options.  Sticking with “edit” is likely a safer bet in the short term.  ”Quick edit” will be your friend in the long term.


  • Watch the video in the resource section below
  • If you have not done so already, login to your WordPress account
  • Edit one of your existing posts using the “edit” feature.
    1. Make this post a sticky post
    2. Check out how it works on your website.  You will see that it stays at the top no matter how many posts you make.  This is a great way to welcome people to your site.
  • Edit one of your existing posts using the “quick edit” feature.  Try to make a small change.
  • Write a short post about your impressions of WordPress so far.   You might want to discuss:
    1. The best parts of WordPress
    2. The biggest concerns about WordPress
    3. How WordPress will contribute to world peace.


Complete list of all videos I have made for this course.

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