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It all starts with your first post!  How exciting!  At the end of this lesson you are going to have a place on the interwebs that has your “stuff” on it. Think of how famous you will soon be! Once you get your first post up and going, we can start talking about how to add photos, video, famous quotes, etc.  Watch out world, you have arrived.

Frustration Alert

Learning to create your first post is the first step toward an exciting future.  It is sort of like learning how to add 2 + 2 so you can start your journey toward calculus.  You will likely find this part easy, but if you find it difficult, push on!  Once you have this lesson under control, future ones will be easy.


  1. Watch the video below that explains how to create a new post
  2. Create at least one new post with what you have learned.  If you feel brave, add some photos, video, links etc.  If not, there are lessons for this coming up.
  3. Open a Word or Pages document
    1. Copy and paste the post you made into it.
    2. Reflect (short) on the process
    3. Upload the doc below as normal
  4. In the comments section below, paste a link to your new website and provide a brief response (for or against) this statement: “WordPress is so easy!  Everybody should use it.”
    1. If you have done so already, consider getting your own Gravatar. This will enable a picture of some sort to be next to any comment you make on this website and many, many others around the web. Interested? Try it out here.


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  1. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”
    There are a lot of navigation quirks that you need to get used to but overall the site is very user-friendly.

    • There are lots of other website developing sites such as that are easy than WordPress. It would be nice if WordPress was a drag and drop type interface and I bet it will be someday.

      For now, the extra effort is worth it if you want to push beyond the boundaries of having a small website and wish to create a large, long term and dynamic site. All a matter of needs really.

    • WordPress is easy for teachers with some blogging background and those who have use Google sites, etc. But some teachers really struggle with these types of tools and I don’t feel that everyone should be required to use them. There are easier tools out their that give a teacher an easy class page. WordPress should be optional.

      • I think the WordPress offers the potential to create dynamic sites for those willing to invest the time and effort. I do not think it is for everyone. Fortunately, I have a little background in technology and am intrigued by this program.

  2. WordPress is fairly easy once you have worked with it a bit and become familiar. It is user friendly, but in my opinion, like most sources of technology, it takes time to get acquainted and there is always more to learn.

    • Sometimes I see WP as difficult platform for people to learn. Super happy you don’t see it that way! I know that once you get a good feel for WP, then you suddenly see the huge potential it has to do very large things and you can push your ideas out to a very wide audience and track their interaction with it. So cool.

  3. I am beginning to feel that WordPress is so easy, everyone should use it. Certainly anyone who wants their own blog and does not know how to write code would do well to use WordPress. Even for the the extremely talented coders out there, wouldn’t using WordPress be an expedient time saver for the majority functions that are coded for? I think anyone who is tired of submitting themselves to the pitfalls of using Facebook may find that a WordPress Blog site serves all of there purposes.

  4. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    So far, it seems pretty straightforward. I am not familiar with any other web page hosts other than the ridiculous one my district tried to get us to use, so compared to that, this is genius!

  5. WordPress is pretty easy and user friendly. The more I play with it, the easier it is becomes. I have wanted a class website for a long time, but I always thought it would be too difficult. If I had known that I could create one this quickly, I would have done it years ago.

  6. Check out my site here!

    “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    As a person who has blogged online before, I found myself easily navigating around WordPress. First impression, WordPress can be one of the simplest or most complex platforms for site development. On one hand, it is user friendly with its clean layout; on the other, it offers up a lot of ways to get your hands dirty with customizations (I must admit, I am scared of WordPress.ORG though!!). For people who are completely new to website making, I may actually recommend a service like Weebly’s instead for the drag and drop function – there seems to be less of a learning curve there. But all in all, WordPress and I have been getting along quite well!

  7. “WordPress is so easy!  Everybody should use it.”

    Well that depends on the tech skills one has starting off. I have been blogging for close to 10 years so when my school said that their website host was WordPress, I felt like I had enough background knowledge and skills that I could easily build a website. However, I know that for some individuals who may not feel as comfortable with technology may find WordPress slightly daunting. I think that, just like we differentiate with our students, teachers should have the ability to choose what platform they are most comfortable with. For some, it may be a simple website hosted by Scholastic that requires minimal tech skills (although I think they may have taken that option away last year). For others, they may prefer Blogger which is a much more user-friendly click/ drop type of platform. For those who really want to optimize their website and create lots of content and interactive features, WordPress is a great tool for them. WordPress also allows for social media integration by connecting FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc. Unfortunately, Blogger tends to only connect with Google+ since it’s a Google platform. Overall, I think one must consider what the specific purpose for building a website is and then make the decision that best suits his/her needs.

    My site:

  8. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    I wasn’t so sure about this statement before I watched the video, but it turns out to be true! It was really easy to use the first time. I have no blogging experience so I have nothing to compare WordPress to, but so far so good! Can’t wait to add a picture and make it look less formal.

  9. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    I both agree and disagree with this statement. WordPress is not difficult too use if you have some basic computer experience; however, I imagine that WordPress would be challenging for someone that has little computer experience (i.e. my mom). The site itself is not too difficult to use, but it has an overwhelming amount of options that I imagine professional bloggers are used to using, but for the common person, it is way too much. I would almost suggest to WordPress that they should create a learners webpage/tool that has limited options for a new learner.

    • I still think WordPress has a way to go to reach the Moms out there such as mine. It gets a little easier with every update, but it is not there yet. I want to see a drag and drop version of WordPress too. Hopefully in my lifetime!

  10. Ponder this statement: “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    I will agree I am finding it easy and with even more time spent on here, I will find it even easier. I will disagree with the “everyone should use it” statement. I do not ascribe to the “one size fits all” train of thought so I don’t believe everyone will find it useful or want to use it. So far, I find it helpful and think it will serve my purposes in the long run.

  11. At this point WordPress does seem easy. The software and interface are user-friendly and very easy to navigate. It seems like all I have to do is point and click at the moment, but I’m sure it will require a little bit more effort as I progress.

    So do I believe “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.” It seems that way.

  12. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.” I don’t have much experience with website creation, and have tried without success to create a website in the past…SO from that perspective, I would say that WordPress is fairly user friendly, although I can foresee struggling with formatting 🙂 It may not be the best fit for everyone, but I’m basing that on my limited knowledge of other website platforms and blogging sites, and thinking that different styles and/or different functions might resonate with others depending on what they are intending to use the site for. I’m looking forward to exploring the themes and playing around with how the site functions to see if it works well for me.

  13. “Word Press is so easy! Everyone should use it.” Writing my first post was pretty easy, and there was quite a bit that you could modify. Everyone will have their own likes and dislikes with a platform, so although it may not be for “everyone”, certainly “everyone” can do this.

  14. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.” It is not very difficult to make a post and to get started with WordPress in general. It
    does take some investment. Like any thing, how deep does one want to go is the essential question. Time and and vision (or lack of)
    is what can make or break a good personal website. WordPress I believe is easy to start with but to make it what I really want, it will
    take some time and patients. Not “everyone” maybe but a lot of people could use it that don’t have a clue it even exists.

  15. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    Completely agree! It is very user friendly. I wonder if it would be as easy for someone who wasn’t as familiar with computers though? A lot of my co-workers avoid adding technology to their instruction. Some think it is a lot of added work, others are just scared to try something they aren’t used to.

  16. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”
    Overall I found it to be user-friendly, but I’ve been working with it for a while. I do think it takes time to get accustomed to it. Some of the things felt a bit complicated when I was navigating the different viewing options, but still a good experience.

  17. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    I don’t know that it’s “So Easy” but it’s pretty simple to build a real basic site – to build something really plain that just gives you a presence on the web is as straight forward as picking a theme – but to really customize and make it work how you want / need is the more difficult part. Hopefully I can get it to the next level. Here’s where it’s at so far. (It was already a work in progress, but I edited the welcome post and added a photo).

  18. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”
    I agree completely with this statement. The only thing that I have found difficult to this point is the abundance of tools. I have been able to complete all of the assignments quite easily. I only imagine that once I have a better understanding of the site it will become even easier. I think that all teachers should provide some content of their class online. It makes the class more accessible to students.

    • “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

      So far so good. Of what I´ve been asked to do, I´ve been able to find success very easily. However, I have many further questions about the site and how to structure and create it. There are so many options and parts to the website that it is a bit overwhelming, but hopefully with added learning I´ll be able to do everything I want with my webpage as easily as its been thus far.

  19. I realized that when I started my account and subsequent blog, I had created my first post. This post, however, was my first intentional post using the Dashboard like I will in the future. On the difficulty scale, this wasn’t very high, even with a couple of problems. I included a link to my classroom web page through our district website, but the link did not work. Initially, I thought I missed the colon in the URL link, so I went back into the post settings by clicking the “edit” button. I quickly realized that I had pasted the whole URL resulting in a repeated “https://.” I fixed and updated it and the link now works. The next problem was that the word processing was set on “double-spaced.” When I compose a post, I like to have the freedom to control the line spacing. At first glance, I couldn’t find a line spacing feature in the word processing toolbar, so I went old school: I Googled it. I found a article right away at and I found out how to use shift+enter keys to do what I needed to do. I also ventured an image to upload with the post by copying a jpeg from Google Images. The image quality isn’t very good, so I tried to scale it down; that didn’t work. I will just have to find better quality images.

  20. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    Personally, I think WordPress is easy, but I also know there are people out in our world that do not use computers in their everyday lives and will find it difficult, However, if they wanted to blog, WordPress would not take long for them to figure out.

  21. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”
    Yes, WordPress is very easy to use. If I can use it without pulling my hair out, anybody can use it. So far it’s been very easy to understand and navigate through. It’s not only easy, but I’m having fun with it. I’ve always wanted to make my own website!

  22. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.” is getting easier as I learn more about it. I do think you need to have some basic knowledge before beginning. If you are not tech savvy I think there is definitely a point of understanding that much be reached before the ability to maneuver through the site becomes second nature.

  23. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    Based on the other sites I have used, wikispaces, blogspot, etc, WordPress is easy to use and navigate through along with being user friendly. One question though, some of the screen shots shown in the video were not what I have on my screen. Is this an older video?

  24. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.” … so Not true! However … and there is a however … I live in China. I know I don’t need to say more but WordPress is blocked. That means I need a workaround to get there. This site is not blocked, congratulations to 21c for not being blocked … yet. Given good connectivity, yes, WordPress is a fairly easy site to use once you are familiar with navigating it. The first post, getting started, is always the hardest.

    • Yes so frustrating that they block WordPress there in China. You can host your own version of WordPress and that will not be blocked. That is why our site is available to you all. I know at Concordia we hosted our own version of WordPress and worked really well for us.

      Would that be an option?

  25. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”
    Here’s my website:
    I’ve had another blog in WordPress for my work as a librarian at AISG, so WordPress is in fact “easy” as this point, but I know better, it can also be frustrating. I want to learn more about about the platform and how to utilize it more effectively.

  26. Here is the link to my first blog post:

    “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it!”

    WordPress is easy, but it isn’t so easy that everybody should use it. I am happy with how it works and so far so good. I like how there are lots resources to use. If you get stuck, I bet there is a blog post or a video that tells you how to do what you are trying to do. I really like the support. It seems to be a very supportive community, with you, Michael, as a great resource.

  27. Super happy to see you posting away here Catherine. Now the fun really begins: creating content! One quick tech point. Your website address is The current one up there points to your logged in working space. People won’t be able to reach your site if they click on that link.

    Just wanted you to know that in case you are sending it out to students or something. Thanks!

  28. “WordPress is so easy! Everyone should use it!”
    I do not think that everyone should use WordPress unless they have tutorials or some sort of lesson. I think if they have clear instructions it could be something that could be picked up fairly quickly. However, for people who do not have a strong computer background, I think they would get lost pretty quickly. I do think that Weebly is easier for quick learning, but I want something with more depth. I don’t think it will be a problem by the end of the class, but the “everybody” part of the above statement is definitely questionable.

  29. “WordPress is so easy! Everyone should use it!”
    I see comments about, and feel a bit sheepish that I have not heard of it previously. I guess when in the high-tech industry we sometimes work with our head down and don’t always come up for a look at the things going on the don’t directly affect us. In any case, the wordpress site is something that “anybody” with some interest in website development could use with a moderate amount of effort. I think Theresa was right on the money with her observation that some tutorial or lessons really do seem to be necessary to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

  30. HI Mark. Weebly is a great site for designing a fast website. Drag and drop makes it easy to use. I like WordPress for larger websites that will be around for a while and are designed to grow and scale. Each have their own awesome uses.

  31. My link:

    “WordPress is so easy! Everyone should use it!”
    Well, WordPress is easier than I anticipated but I don’t know if everyone should use it. My first post was super easy to publish. Just a few minutes once I decided what to write about. However, I do think it will be a little tricky once we get more involved and add new bells and whistles. I added an image, but it is just hanging out at the bottom of my post.


    I agree with the statement “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.” as long as that person has somewhat of a comfort level with technology. From what I have seen so far it takes a lot of clicking around and trying things out, but I feel like a have somewhat of a grasp on it because I am used to menus and technology. Someone, like my grandma, who is not comfortable with computers would definitely have trouble.

  33. “Wordpress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    At this point I am beginning to agree with this statement. Creating a post was definitely a piece of cake. I am hopeful the ‘ease of use’ trend continues.

  34. “WordPress is so easy! Everybody should use it.”

    So far I am finding it easy to use…have a couple questions, but I think they will be answered along the way.


    “WordPress is so easy! Everyone should use it.”

    This statement is absolutely true! While WordPress can appear intimidating upon first glance, it really is one of the easiest sites to use. By spending a little time learning the ins and outs of WordPress, you are sure to be proficient in no time. You will be able to create exciting websites that are sure to capture the attention of your audience.

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