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So now you have your badge idea and you want to create your own badge to use in your classroom.  At my school one of the teachers graciously volunteered to make badges for everybody. If you can find that person at your school, super! However, you may need to make them on your own.  If you have a digital art background, then this will be an easy project for you.  If not, then you might want to consider using one of the badge design resources available on the web.


  1. Design a badge(s) of your own using a digital art program such as Adobe Illustrator, or this free web based program called
  2. In your THI online response box, discuss the process of creating a digital badge
    1. What were you initial plans?
    2. What system did you use?
    3. Did you have digital art training or experience?
    4. What will you change in the future?
  3. Upload a copy of your badge(s) to your THI online response box as well.

frustrated frustrationFrustration Alert

Making a badge for the first time is hard.  You may not be sure how you want it to look.  If you want to use a template that can be reused later.  How important branding the badge is.  Etc… The theme of this course is that if it is new, just try it and learn.  The next iteration will be better and the next iteration after that will be better still.


  •  “An open-access image creator from MyKnowledgeMap to support all of your Open Badge building needs.”
  • Image size information: 
  • File type:
    • .png (transparent image)
    • .jpg (transparent image)
  • Measurements (Ideal dimensions): 250 pixels x 250 pixels
    • Minimum:150 pixels x 150 pixels
    • Maximum:600 pixels x 600 pixels
  • Shape: any shape can be accommodated; the canvas or field for the image should utilize the recommended dimensions above.
  • Size in memory: 256kb recommended; 2MB maximum
  • Style/Colors: match or are complementary to your organization color theme
  • Design/color: suitable for both 4-color and black-and-white presentation
  • Reducible size: “on the large side” to scale down for best resolution



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