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This course has mostly focused on creating posts and NOT pages. Posts show up only on the front page and in chronological order.  Each new post pushes the old down until it falls onto the second page.  If you plan to have your students create blogs, I REALLY recommend that you have them  ONLY use POSTS and not pages.  This will make more sense later on when they have a ton of content up there.  As long as they categorize and tag it they can take advantage of some of the tricks they can use to organize their site.

Pages work very well for teachers though and you may want to use a lot of pages on your site.  Many people divide a class website up into a separate page (and sub pages) for each topic.  This might include Social Studies, English and Media Literacy.

It is up to you of course how you wish to setup your website.  If you plan to use your site to display information that stays fairly static (does not change much) then pages will work for you. This site uses lots of pages.  If you wish for your site to be more dynamic (always changing) then posts or a combination of posts and pages will work best for you. I use posts at my podcast site because we keep adding content all the time.

Frustration Alert

Posts or pages?  What do I do?  This choice is tough sometimes and you may not have the answer you want until after you start building your site.  In general  as I mentioned above, I find pages work well for teacher sites and posts work better for students sites.  I actually like to use a combination of posts and pages.   Remember though, you can always switch back and forth between the two methods until you feel comfortable with your decision.


  • Watch the video below about how to create a page.  It helps us to understand the difference between a post and a page
  • If you have not done so already, open up your WordPress site.
  • Create at least one page and three sub-pages to go underneath an individual page. Understanding how sub pages work is REALLY helpful
  • Write a short reflection about the use of pages in your WordPress site.  You might want to include:
    1. If you plan to use pages or posts or both for your site
    2. The power you are starting to see in WordPress
    3. The pain you are starting to see with using WordPress!


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