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Hyperlinks are what make the web work and what makes the web so successful.  Only by easily linking to the content created by yourself and others, can we truly share and communicate in a dynamic and powerful way.

Creating a hyperlink on your webpage is pretty easy and this should be one of the simplest lessons in this course.   You will want to learn how to link to pages within your website and pages outside of your website.

If you are looking to link to “something,” feel free to link to my podcasts!

Frustration Alert

Be sure to include the “http://” in any link you have.  If that information is missing, your links won’t work.  In addition, it is a lot easier to copy and paste websites into the hyperlink box than to type them.  This is especially true with links that are very long and complex.


  • If you have not done so already, login to your WordPress account
  • In a new or existing post create two different hyperlinks:
    1. One hyperlink to a website out on the big internet.  It does not matter what site it is.  You can use Disneyland if you like.
    2. One hyperlink that connects to a page within your own site. This will help you learn how to link to pages within your site.
  • Open a Word or Pages document.
    • Write a short reflection of your thoughts on linking to other websites/people/things, etc. around the world could be a boost for you and your students.


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