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Hyperlinks are what make the web work and what makes the web so successful.  Only by easily linking to the content created by yourself and others, can we truly share and communicate in a dynamic and powerful way.

Creating a hyperlink on your webpage is pretty easy and this should be one of the simplest lessons in this course.   You will want to learn how to link to pages within your website and pages outside of your website.

If you are looking to link to “something,” feel free to link to my podcasts!

Frustration Alert

Be sure to include the “http://” in any link you have.  If that information is missing, your links won’t work.  In addition, it is a lot easier to copy and paste websites into the hyperlink box than to type them.  This is especially true with links that are very long and complex.


  • If you have not done so already, login to your WordPress account
  • In a new or existing post create two different hyperlinks:
    1. One hyperlink to a website out on the big internet.  It does not matter what site it is.  You can use Disneyland if you like.
    2. One hyperlink that connects to a page within your own site. This will help you learn how to link to pages within your site.
  • Open a Word or Pages document.
    • Write a short reflection of your thoughts on linking to other websites/people/things, etc. around the world could be a boost for you and your students.


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  1. I did not realize how many hyperlinks that may exist in a website, and then all the “engineering” that goes on behind them. It is one thing to copy and paste link into a page, but it is quite another when pages start moving around, and links break. Now I understand what is happening when I go to a site and get these messages!

    • Hopefully WordPress will help you by auto updating any links you change along the way. But, yes it can be a pain! As your site grows, links can get out of date and stop working. There are plugins that can help with this too. They will alert you to broken links and where they live.

  2. Hyperlinks are a great way to quickly assemble a lot of content from other sources. Great example would be a teacher page linking to “10 best math games for 6th graders”.

    • Sounds like fun. Will you share that site and keep it updated for us! Are you familiar with Diigo and Delicious? Great ways to link into content that you keep as a social bookmark.

      • I hadn’t seen Diigo yet, and it looks like it would be very useful, especially the highlighting text and screenshot pieces. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Hyperlinks are things that we take for granted these days but it wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t understand what a URL was or how to copy/paste the address into an email for someone. Now just about everyone knows those basics.

  4. Hyperlinks are so important for people to understand and know how to use. The wonderful thing about the web is how connected everything is. With hyperlinks I can explore all around the world and can direct my students’ learning. Truly making it a global community bank of knowledge.

    My favorite online tool to store hyperlinks is Very colorful and visual, and I can modify it within seconds for my students. I have it as the homepage of all my school computer browsers so the students can navigate to what they need quickly and safely without the need to type in the URLs.

  5. The internet isn’t known as the “web” for nothing. Millions of websites are linked to one another; some for convenience, others for synergy. For my classroom website, I expect to have different pages with multiple posts within each page. Oftentimes, I may have a student in two or more of these classes, so it would be beneficial to have intra-website hyperlinks within my website.
    It takes more than a village these days and being able to link to other websites from my classroom website will be extremely beneficial. Today’s social studies and language arts content areas depend heavily on the outside world: online databases for research, various news and academic websites as well as eBooks or other online texts. It would be very nice for my students to be able to launch their academic efforts from a single place such as my website, presumably the place where they got their instructions to begin with—synergy.

  6. I think having hyperlinks is one of the most functional parts of having one’s own website. I want my students to see my website as a hub for all of the content and resources that I find valuable on the net. That’s why the hyperlinks are so important. I was a little confused about linking to pages in my own site. But then I realized that my site is a baby. At this point, linking to other pages in my website is like asking for clarification from an infant, what you see is what you get. But as time goes I know that my site will grow and it will be very valuable to have links back to past posts and pages.

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