End-of-Course “To Do” List (Level 1)

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Congratulations on completing the lessons that comprise the level 1 course!  At the conclusion of the course by all applicants you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” of this course from the Compass Education central office. If you have signed up for graduate credit, please allow a couple weeks for processing by our friends at 21 Century Learning (who ‘host’ this course).

There is some important information, however, prior to saying “goodbye” that could be helpful for you.



Once you have completed the course we would appreciate your feedback with regard to either the course of the instructor. As we all know, education is a never-ending process and in our own commitment to betterment your feedback and hugely helpful. Thank you for your support!



Please take a few minutes to download the tools (called Accelerator Lite) covered in the level 1 and Level 2 courses. You can download the information from the AtKisson website here by confirming that you understand the terms and conditions of use.



If you wish to become a formally certified level 1 Compass Practitioner, there is still one more step along the way. As we hope to generate a robust database of classroom/workplace exemplars of Compass tools we would love for you to use the tools (ideally related to your unit plan in lesson 6) and share evidence of that (perhaps with pictures or video?) on the Compass Education website here. Once you upload the evidence of your use of the tool(s) it will be reviewed by your instructor and, once deemed appropriate, shared on the online exemplar database. At that point you will receive a formal Compass Education Level 1: Compass Practitioner certificate.

A Level 1: Compass Practitioner certification is important if you would like to further your understanding and skill set related to systems thinking and sustainability education and continue to the Level 2: Compass Educator course offered in different locations throughout the year.



You have now become part of a growing number of teachers who have been trained in Compass Education tools. We invite you to keep up to date with the opportunities and share best practices with other educators on Compass Education platforms available to you:

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