Changing Your Theme (Preview)


One of the first things you will want to do on your WordPress site is explore and change your theme.   The theme dictates how your page will look, where the images go, what color your text is, the size of your fonts, the type of fonts etc.

Some themes have “theme options” which let you change how it looks in a few or bunch of different ways.   Themes are easy to install, use,  and easily allow switching from one look to another without losing all your content.

Themes run the gamut from basic to complex.  Depending on how deeply you want to get into it, you can have a theme that has a ton of different options and settings.    The standard themes that come with WordPress are usually fairly simple.  However, at some point, you might want to check out premium WordPress themes from companies like Woo Themes and Themeforest.  Even if you would rather not hassle with premium themes right now, they are fun to look at for their wonderful design ideas.

One piece of advice:  There is always a better theme out there.  In other words, you can suck up a lot of time changing themes.  If you enjoy this, awesome, but if it drives you crazy, you might want to stick with one of the basic themes such as Twenty Twelve.

Oh and don’t be afraid to head to the WordPress theme section of to see all the wonderful free themes out there.

Frustration Alert

Sometimes when you change your themes, your website won’t behave in the way you want it to.  It might change how menus look, fonts, etc.  You might find yourself a bit frustrated.  NOT TO WORRY!   You can just change your theme back to your original one and it will look the same.   Also, some themes are harder to work with than others.  This is a good thing in that they increase the options you have.  However, if a theme is too hard to work with right now, just find another theme!


  • Watch the video in the resource section below
  • If you have not done so already, login to your WordPress account
  • Head over the theme tab on the left (see the video below for help)
  • Test out a few themes.  Test them on your site.  Have fun!  Go crazy.  Take some risks.
  • Try making a change on the header of your theme.  This can be a little tough, so think of it as a long term project!
  • In the comments section below, leave a brief response to this question:” Themes control the look of your website.  How important are they?  Should we spend a lot of time finding and customizing them?”  You may need to register first before you can leave a comment.
    1. If you have done so already, consider getting your own Gravatar. This will enable a picture of some sort to be next to any comment you make on this website and many, many others around the web. Interested? Try it out here.
  • Write an awesome reflection.  You may want to include:
    1. A list of some of your favorite themes from the WordPress bank of themes
    2. Your challenges or “easies” that you encountered while trying themes
    3. What you like to see in a theme.  What appeals to your eye
    4. Something funny that will make us laugh.  A joke maybe?  Ok, you can skip this if you want.


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