Digital Badge Ideas: Start With The Why



Now that you understand  (hopefully) what digital badges are, it is time to come up with some ideas for generating these badges.

To get this process going,  we will start with the “why.” Why are you building the badges in the first place?  This is an important question to answer as often you will hear people say “oh, you want to do what the boy scouts do.”  Badging, as you know now, is much bigger than that.


    1. Watch my video that discusses the whys behind badging.
    2. Brainstorm reasons (the whys and whats) or ways you can give a badge to a student. Objective awards are easier to manage than subjective awards.  Example, a badge for typing 50 WPM versus you are a good writer.  Do your brainstorming here so we can all share in each other’s ideas.
    3. In your THI response box make a short post.
      1. Feel free to talk about:
        1. The challenges with creating badges in the classroom
        2. What areas will they be most effective?
        3. How motivating is it to receive a badge?

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.18.34 PM Frustration Alert

In the beginning it can be tough to come up with the first sets of badges.  Because you are new to the process you may not be sure what/when/how to use badges.  Not a problem!  You/we will learn though this experience and become experts at it down the road.

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