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Catching up with the rapid changes in the badge and micro-credentialing movement is an ongoing battle right now. How this whole movement shakes out and is eventually standardized is unclear. We have no clue as to whose idea will win in the end. This is typical of a new product or idea as it comes into the mainstream. As an early adopter, you can get a head start on shaping the discussion.

Keeping up with the latest information on badges is one way to have a clearer view of the future.


  1. Read  the articles and short papers below from my FlipBoard magazine.  This gets updated regularly as I come across new articles.
  2. In 500 words reflect on digital badges and micro-credentialing as a permanent part of an achievement and recognition system.
    1. The difference (if there is one) between badging and micro-credentialing
    2. The potential downsides of using badges
    3. The upside of creating a digital badge program
    4. The short term (3-5 years) future of badging and micro-credentialing
    5. The long term (over five years) future of badging and micro-credentialing
  3. Post your response in your THI online response box.


View my Flipboard Magazine.

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