Architect Your Digital Badge Program



At this point you have a badge idea, design, location to host your badge,  badge backpack, etc.  Let’s take all those skills together and architect (map out) a digital badge program for your classroom, school or organization.  This will give you a plan and will help you move forward from the idea phase to execution phase.   Design your plan and work your plan.


  1. Using a program of your choice (see suggestions below) or drawing by hand, design a plan to get you from idea phase to completion for a digital badge program.
    1. You can find a suggested pathway here.  Feel free to copy and save it as needed.
  2. Upload your plan to your THI online response box

frustrated frustrationFrustration Alert

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good; or good enough.   Your first attempt at designing and implementing a badge program may very well be flawed with some problems.  Just be ready for those  flaws and create some time for you to reflect and improve on them.  Start small and scale to a larger distribution.



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