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Using categories and tags is SO IMPORTANT.  However, it is usually NEGLECTED by adults and students.   By using categories and tags you can bring organization and structure to your website. This won’t seem that important in the beginning when you don’t have much content, but will be a big deal latter when you have a ton of content and it is all over the place.

Your typical school library uses a category and tag system already and has been doing so for years.   You know what I mean right?  When you walk into a library it is divided into sections such as biographies, science fiction, non-fiction, etc. In addition, your kind librarian lists all the tags (they call them keywords) that describe any given book in the library. Now when you go to the search catalog on the computer, it easy to find a book!

Categories and tags let you do the same thing for your website content.

Frustration Alert

In the beginning it can be very difficult to figure out what categories you should use.  Tags are rather easy, but categories are more problematic. Don’t worry too much though. You can always change the categories later, so feel free to experiment. With students I ask them to create categories by subject area: math, science, Mandarin, etc.  They then can pull up all their work from a specific class by clicking on the category that matches the subject.  Get it?   So cool.


  • Watch the video in the resource section
  • If you have not done so already, login to your WordPress account
  • Create a new post, or edit one of your existing posts.
  • Create a category that is appropriate for your post and categorize it
  • Create a tag, actually a bunch of tags, that is appropriate for your post.  Don’t worry, you can never have too many tags.  Only too many categories. ;-)
  • In the comments section below, leave a brief response to this question:  “Do you see categories and tags as important?  If so, why?  If not, why not?” You may need to register to leave a comment.
    1. If you have done so already, consider getting your own Gravatar. This will enable a picture of some sort to be next to any comment you make on this website and many, many others around the web. Interested? Try it out here.
  • Open a Word or Pages document.
    • Write a short reflection about how you will use categories and tags.  You might want to discuss:
    • How students could use categories and tags
    • How you will use categories and tags
    • What you still feel you need to learn about categories and tags
    • Your summer vacation (optional)


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