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Adaptive learning technology simply means that a learning platform or program changes (adapts) itself to meet the needs of the learner on the other side of the screen.

While the definition is not earth shaking, making it all possible is tricky. Right now it is more commonly found in math instruction as it is easier to test and adapt a student’s lessons to based on their responses to math quizzes.

Learning Analytics informs us of how our students are doing in the classroom. While we have had feedback on our students from the dawn of teaching, technology now lets us have a much more granular understanding of our student’s strengths and challenges.

In the past, the sheer number of students we have to educate prevented us from customizing and adapting learning to meet the needs of students on the outsides of our middle pack of students.  New technologies and analytics are making it possible to individualize learning, yet still serve large numbers of students.


  1. Explore the sites I have gathered here. There are a lot, so don’t feel like you need to read each one.  Pick a few that interest you.
  2. In the comments section below add one or more adaptive learning sites, technologies to share.
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  3. Open a Word or Pages document
    1. In 250 words or more, reflect on the idea of using learning analytics and/or adaptive learning to improve how we teach in the classroom.
    2. Suggested discussion points:
      1. What is the difference between learning analytics and adaptive learning?
      2. How can this be used in your classroom?
      3. Will this type of learning and analysis become the norm in the future?
      4. Any other thoughts or comments you would like to share.

Frustration Alert

Wow, we are talking about a potentially dramatic shift in how we teach here. If we could suddenly have a very specific understanding of how each of our students learn and then be able to customize a learning experience for them… WOW!

But… this type of change means massive change in how we assess students and what tools we use to maximize their potential. How are we going to make that happen? Which pathway is the best one? How many mistakes will we make along the way?

Will we be bombarded with a thousand different options? Will it take a ton of time, along with trial and error, to figure out what is right?  The answer is YES!

Anybody frustrated yet? 😉


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