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The purposes of using tech in our practice are many and the benefits and limitations are just as many. This assignment will encourage you to do a few things:

  • Take a look at your department and see what kind of tech useage is already happening.
  • Consider how you use tech and how your useage can be refined/enhanced.
  • Apply your learning to your current teaching situation and reflect on the process.

Much of tech integration is down to trial and error, we take an idea, test it out and then assess its worthiness. This assignment will hopefully give you a framework to help you carry out this process.


1: Investigate the current level of technology usage in your departments in the 3 areas:

  • Teaching
  • Organisation
  • Communication

(can record this information in your planning page)

2: Read: Using the resources available below research what is available to you as a PE teacher now for each of these areas? Identify 1 key application of technology for each area.

Contact element – access the resources below for help as to who might be a good person to contact and ask for advice/ideas /pro’s and con’s. Place any details on this i.e. who you contacted etc in your planning page.

3: Reproduce: Using what you have learned, identify one of the three areas that you feel the integration of technology might be a weakness of your program. Using the planning page, give details of what tech you might use, how this will enhance your program and which stage of the SAMR model it applies to. Carry out the task you set yourself i.e. it could be a lesson/ trial of a program with a few students etc.

Record a video/vlog/screencast of you using the piece of technology you have chosen. Explain what you have chosen, why and how it will play a part in enhancing your PE program.

4: Reflect on the process using the planning/reflection page.Planning/reflection page

Frustration Alert

There is so much information out there it can be difficult to filter through it all, just remember, you don’t need to use it all just find what suits your program and what is best for you/students. Equally some of this stuff is really valuable but takes some perseverance with learning so don’t expect it all to be easy.


Twitter feeds to follow

  • The PE Geek – @mrrobbo
  • Nathan Horne – @PENathan
  • Adam Llevo – @MrAdamPE
  • Joey Feith – @JoeyFeith

Joey Feith

PE Geek

Mr Adam PE

Example of tech for teaching

Example of tech for communication

Example of tech for organisation


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