Leading the Way: Optimising Your PE Program

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We know that as PE teachers we are often rushed off our feet. From teaching all day to then coaching into the evening, when do we have time to sit down and consider how to improve our program? What areas even need looking at?

For this course, I have taken the main areas that concern departments and shared some of the ways that we have experienced growth in my school. Some of these areas get overlooked by PE departments often due to our busy schedules, preoccupation with other areas and sometimes, lack of training or awareness that these things even need looking at.

Come with me on a journey that will hopefully give you some new tips, reiterate some widely accepted principles and inspire you to take your department to another level.

This is an instructor-led course.  That means an instructor will stay in touch with you along the way and provide feedback on any work submitted.

This course is appropriate for heads of department, experienced and new teachers.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have gained an understanding of areas that your department could enhance their effectiveness in.
  • Have a clear appreciation of how you personally can impact each area of your department and have the tools to put your ideas into action.
  • Generate an action plan that will guide you personally as you effect change in your department.
  • Have enhanced your pedagogical understanding of two key methodologies for PE instruction and implemented them into your teaching.
  • Have a good grasp on the factors that affect your department outside of the teaching and learning aspects, such as budget and facilities and know how you might be able to use these resources in such a way that will enhance your program.

Credit hours

This course provides 15 hours of continuing education credits (CEU’s). All participants will receive a certificate of completion from 21st Century Learning verifying course completion and hours of credit.


ben-240x300Ben Bradford

Born in New Zealand Ben has traveled much and found a love for Asia on his first visit to Hong Kong at 14.

Always a sports man Ben initially trained as a sport scientist, following this he went back to university and completed his PGCE in Physical Education at Southampton University in the UK. Soon after teaching in the UK, he moved with his wife to Hong Kong where both their boys were born. He has been the head of PE at the International Christian School for the last 3 years.

Ben completed an executive masters in Educational Leadership and Change from the Hong Kong Institute of Education and is one of the founders and committee chair of APPEC (Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference).

Ben is a passionate educator and has a real desire to see teachers grow in their craft and to facilitate that growth where possible.