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  • All the resources, especially the video tutorials which made the learning process go by a lot smoother. It was also broken down quite well; the step-by-step process went at a pace that ensured that I was learning.

    Tina T.,
  • This is a very good course. I will be suggesting it to several of my colleagues.

    David H.,
  • The assignments helped me practice my video techniques. Michael gave prompt, specific feedback, and is very knowledgeable.

    Steve O.,
  • I appreciated the book recommendation and the information on Getting Things Done

    Kimberly S.,
  • The hands-on activities, Videos for explanations,Integration Paper reflected on my experience

    Megan L.,
  • I liked the organization and presentation of all three phases: getting started, planning and branching out with themes, and big picture thoughts at the end.

    William S.,
  • I loved this course!!

    Selina Xu,
  • The experience was worthy of my time, effort and expense.

    Josh S.,
  • I particularly enjoyed the book and research project as they made me think most critically about how I teach.

    Matt F.,
  • The professor always took the time to answer my questions and provided feedback on all of my assignment responses.


    Emily M.,
  • The was completely geared toward helping me to create a final product that I would use everyday in my teaching. At the end of the course, I had a finished website that I can begin using with my students right away.

    Adeline R.,
  • I think it is a pretty solid course.

    Andy A.,
  • I liked that the learning was self directed. Some weeks I was able to finish four assignments and some weeks none.

    Jana W.,
  • The balance between technical instruction and hands-on practice was perfect! Expanding my idea of what video production is combined with how to do it was ideal.

    Zach V.
  • Wide open to complete as quickly as possible 🙂

    Becky B.,
  • There were many great parts to this course. Some of what I appreciated and enjoyed most

    • Being able to work at my own pace in my own timeline.
    • Mike’s obvious dedication, knowledge and interest in the subject matter and his students.
    • The humor infused.
    • The course being setup in a somewhat laid back method in the sense the students take ownership of their learning.
    • The material took me way beyond the knowledge I had and frankly, the knowledge I THOUGHT I had!

    Lisa B.,
  • I really liked learning about resources. I also liked the think time involved with how I wanted to design my systems.

    Rachel R.,
  • The best parts of this course were the informative, easy to follow, on point tutorial videos and the instructor. I have never taken an on-line course and was expecting a lot less interaction. However, the instructor was motivating, supplied immediate genuine feedback, and seemed vested in not only our work, but in making sure we weren’t just finishing assignments, but creating something we could be proud of. The instructor gave me some great ideas for my website, supplemental links that answered questions I had, and a few awesome ideas for how I can have my students use WordPress that I am looking forward to trying out.

    Alison B.,
  • The option of being self-paced was really nice. I liked the lesson on personal network learning and social bookmarking.

  • It was very well organized. The content looked professional and was very helpful.

  • Learning WordPress was fantastic, and I love my new website.

    Kate R.,
  • Step by step scaffolding to break the overwhelming task into manageable pieces. Having an instructor to ask questions and get advise from. Listening to exciting lectures about how technology is shaping education.

    Eric P.,
  • The best parts of this course are that the technology tools that we learned about were applicable to our own classrooms and the feedback that Michael gave was timely and detailed!

  • Loved learning new technologies. I also like that they are current technologies that are being used today. (not 10 years ago) Many of the courses I have taken recently use information from 20-30 years ago.

  • Introduction to new online resources.

  • The examples of how to use those tools in everyday teaching are very helpful. The doing it yourself of every tool part is great too. I also really enjoyed the instant and meaningful feedback from the instructor.

    John R.,
  • I liked the pacing of the assignments. They were just involved enough to learn the material but not too involved to feel like busy work.

    Michael B.,
  • The assignments were helpful and meaningful. I felt very supported through the whole course and learned an incredible amount about different video production tools and how to use them in the classroom.

  • The video assignments were tough but great practice. And fun to have for the future!

    Kelly I.,
  • Mr. Boll is so helpful and accommodating to my needs as a student.

    Wade M.,
  • Mike was very good at giving quick feedback on assignments, answering emails quickly, and creating assignments that I will use in my classroom.

  • I really appreciated all the feedback I received on the individual assignments. This is one of the best courses I have taken.

  • Mr. Boll is so helpful and accommodating to my needs as a student.

  • Freedom to do it whenever I wanted, timely and helpful instructor feedback to questions and assignments, very useful and applicable content that I can use right away in my classroom

    Ryan M.,